What others are saying…

Overall, I’ve had a very positive experience. ERG is very professional, and they have systems in place for easy time entry and payroll verification.

L.F. Mountain View, CA (Consultant)

ERG is a good company that, unlike most, offer some benefits: healthcare and some PTO.

I.S. Mountain View, CA (Consultant)

I would say that ERG is very responsive when I call or send an email. They get right back to me and answer my questions.

D.S. San Jose, CA (Consultant)

ERG recruiters are professional, courteous and accommodating. They are  good people to work with.

S.E. Milpitas, CA (Consultant)

ERG employees are professional qualified people that seem to have good account management which has allowed them to get into and maintain presence at major Fortune 500 companies in Silicon Valley.  ERG does a good job at onboarding and making their consultants feel that they’re a valuable member of their team.

C.Q. Mountain View, CA (Consultant)

ERG has lots of opportunities, any concerns are being heard, they host fun meetups, they have polite & helpful employees, and have better relationships with clients. All these made comfortable for me.

O.M. San Jose, CA (Consultant)

Wonderful. Everything was done quickly and professionally. ERG is a good company to work for! Everything has been great for me so far.

D.M. San Jose, CA (Consultant)

Fantastic! Excellent recruiting service. Stellar performance! Very fast response from recruiter and top-of-the-line human resource service. The human resource personnel was very quick in responding to my inquiries regarding next steps. ERG is one of the very best recruiting agencies in the Bay Area for software professionals.

C.D. Santa Clara, CA (Consultant)

My experience with ERG was very smooth and I got a job with the first interview. I have known ERG as an employee/contractor as well as a hiring manager. I know they are well known in the semiconductor industry.

M.B. Mountain View, CA (Consultant)

The recruiters are very helpful, knowledgeable and professional. I am very satisfied with my experience with ERG.

H.S. Mountain View, CA (Consultant)

Quick response. Good candidate pool. Perfect in providing service and candidates.

Y.W. Sunnyvale, CA (Client)

I received great customer service and good candidates that matched my requirements. Very good interactions with my recruiters.

J.W. Fremont, CA (Client)

Friendly people; good service; local to Silicon Valley

S.G. San Jose, CA (Client)

My account manager and technical recruiter bring in good candidates and help with recruiting process.

R.B. Sunnyvale, CA (Client)

The team at ERG is very quick to respond and to follow-up. Each time I have worked with them to fill a role they have provided multiple candidates quickly and made it easy to arrange screening calls and interviews. Overall the services provided by ERG are very good and cover most or all aspects of our needs.

C.C. Mountain View, CA (Client)

The interaction with the people at ERG has always been courteous and professional. They have responded to all issues that I had in a prompt fashion.

N.S. Mountain View, CA (Client)

My Account Manager has been very good at keeping me updated throughout the entire process. He makes sure to check in after several interviews to ensure that the candidates are of the proper caliber as well as fit for what we are looking for. Of the people who have joined the team, everything has been working out very nicely.

J.T. Mountain View, CA (Client)

Cordial Staff, professional, expeditive. Keep up the good work, you are doing just fine!

J.Z. Milpitas, CA (Client)

Quick response with relevant resumes, very professional interaction. I’m very much impressed and have not seen any other vendor be able to respond so quick.

S.Q. San Jose, CA (Client)

I always recommend ERG to my Bay Area colleagues. The managers have good background information about jobs and customers, with inside knowledge valuable to contractors.

D.C. San Jose, CA (Consultant)

Overall positive experience. On the ERG team, very positive outlook… nice and effective team, just keep it that way.

A.G. Mountain View, CA (Consultant)

ERG has good connections with high tech Telecom companies.Good and experienced staff for recruitment for specific assignments.

S.J. Sunnyvale, CA (Consultant)

In comparison to what else contractor companies in bay area, ERG showcases it wants to be the best by facilitating the assets — contractors — with reasonable pay rate. In addition, it hosts three parties yearly to show ERG cares.

W.Y. Sunnyvale, CA (Consultant)

My recruiter was always there for me when jobs were scarce and he went the extra mile to explain the market and suggest opportunities based on things I had done in the past but outside of recent experience. I have recommended you to other job seekers

M.M. Mountain View, CA (Consultant)

Being recruited for my current position by ERG was a great experience overall. Thank you! I personally had such a pleasant experience.

D.J. Belmont, CA (Consultant)

Well, this is based on a fairly long experience with the company and the various members of the staff. I have had also the opportunity in the past to work with other companies. None so far come as high in area of ethics and fair treatment of the persons working in the field as ERG.

J.S. Newark, CA (Consultant)

From my recruiter to the accounting and HR my experience has been nothing but excellent.  The recruiter was straightforward and to the point, got me several excellent projects, understood my goals and skills, and treated me fairly.  The accounting had all the payments on time, and the HR process was simple and done in one day for W-2 projects.  What’s not to like?  And I’ve dealt with a lot of recruiters and agencies in the past, so this is based on experience.

S.I. Sunnyvale, CA (Consultant)

ERG has an easy process, and on time payments. They have excellent recruiters, account managers and accounting. Their reps are always very helpful and super nice which helped solved issues. Special thanks to my recruiter and account manager!

O.R. Sunnyvale, CA (Consultant)

ERG services to Contractors and they  have major tech companies as their clients. Also, ERG recruiters and account managers are well informative and always one step ahead with client interactions, so they know the best how to represent the consultant at client site interviews. As far as I they are well recognized and recommended company in the bay area for embedded consulting work.

A.O. Mountain View, CA (Consultant)

ERG has always been fair in the compensation for contracts awarded.

T.S. Sunnyvale, CA (Consultant)

Great service and trust: I can trust that my recruiter will find the best position out there and negotiate for the best offer.

J.Y. Santa Clara, CA (Consultant)

ERG staff values the work I have been doing.

H.L. Mountain View, CA (Consultant)

My experience with ERG was good. I will most definitely refer friends to ERG. ERG’s opportunities are better than others I have come across.

U.G. San Jose, CA (Consultant)

ERG has a caring team and they’re super responsive. My overall experience was excellent.

S.A. San Jose, CA (Consultant)

It was awesome, the communication was great, I got back response on my emails and telephone calls with-in few minutes. I really enjoyed working with the team. I worked with my Technical Recruiter from beginning to end who was very well organized, detailed, and helpful. I will absolutely refer friends to ERG, and will let them know what a great team will be working with them. Keep up the good work.

D.F. Mountain View, CA (Consultant)

Very professional, excellent communication, quick responses. ERG is very accommodating and finds appropriate jobs according to profile and also very quick in landing an interview. The overall experience was good

R.S. Santa Clara, CA (Consultant)

ERG is fantastic… Best agency to work for. Can’t think of any negatives as I have always had a great experience working with ERG.

T.S. Sunnyvale, CA (Consultant)

ERG is very good. They have secured me several contracts. If you want a job, call ERG.

J.H. San Jose, CA (Consultant)

Everything worked out great. My placement was fast and working with ERG is easy. ERG is efficient and professional.

C.P. San Jose, CA (Consultant)

ERG is an organization who knows what they are doing and good at it. My experience has been pleasant and positive.

H.M. Mountain View, CA (Consultant)

ERG was great. My recruiter kept me up to date on all developments and pushed through to get interviews. Unlike other firms which call or e-mail once and then do not reply. They get results and they have a large number of placements at big companies.

J.W. Mountain View, CA (Consultant)

ERG has the fastest flow of candidates. Speed and quantity make you win. Also, excellent working experience with my Account Manager. Super responsive.

S. Q. Menlo Park, CA (Client)

ERG has been a consistently good source of contractor engineers for us and has provided a large pool of candidates to select from. The support team behind the recruiting process at ERG has been very helpful, responsive and creative in helping us through the process. We have had very good success and excellent results with the engineers we have contracted through ERG.

C. C. Mountain View, CA (Client)

ERG is the only recruiting firm which I found more focused on the embedded openings. I [have] already referred a couple of guys. The recruiter I worked with was very active. I am highly impressed with him. It was a pleasant experience working with ERG.

S.P. Sunnyvale, CA (Consultant)

The opportunities presented by ERG are unique when compared to other vendors. Overall it’s a nice experience and I will definitely recommend them.

P.M. Sunnyvale, CA (Consultant)

Go to ERG…they are PROFESSIONALS! the whole organization is singing one tune; for the benefit of all!

N.D. Mountain View, CA (Consultant)

ERG is easy to work with. There is excellent communication with the Account Manager and I would work with them again.

D.B. San Jose, CA (Client)

I didn’t believe in contracting engineers before this.  However, my attitude has changed as I’ve seen how fast it is to bring someone talented onboard. I am very satisfied with ERG’s response time. I will clearly state that we used you as our primary agency after working with a total of seven agencies!

K.S. Mountain View, CA (Client)

I never had any issues with payment being on time. Even at times when the time sheets were delayed, payment was never delayed. If I were to recommend ERG, I would say that the folks at ERG are pretty easy to work with and are very attentive.

J.L. San Jose, CA (Consultant)

The onboarding process was quick and very smooth!

B.W. Hayward, CA (Consultant)

My recruiter was very helpful and always promptly responded to all my queries. He did a great job in coordinating between the client and me, from sending the requirements to the point where I was on board. He even checks in with me once in a while to see how everything is going and all. ERG is definitely on par with other good companies and I would highly recommend them.

J.G. San Jose, CA (Consultant)

It was a very positive experience working with ERG. My recruiter was prompt about giving feedback and the position he submitted me to was a great match! Overall, I am very pleased with their services.

B.P. Sunnyvale, CA (Consultant)

My recruiter provided me with timely updates and many follow-ups throughout the process. ERG also provided me on-time direct deposits for my pay and I get my pay statements delivered straight to my home within a day or two. I would highly recommend ERG to hardware or software engineers seeking a role that both highlights and challenges their skillset. I have landed my dream job through the help of ERG!

R.B. Sunnyvale, CA (Consultant)

ERG got me a good job with good pay and they always pay me timely!

R.L. Sunnyvale, CA (Consultant)

I have recommended ERG to friends on several occasions. The first thing I always say is ERG is a top-notch agency. They have good clients, I don’t worry about them going out of business or not paying me as promised, and they are always professional and nice to deal with. It has been a pleasure to work with ERG again and I hope to continue working with them in the future.

K.F. San Jose, CA (Consultant)

I’m pleased to work with ERG and the Account Manager and recruiters have been great. I have worked with a number of agencies and I consider ERG to be one of the best in the business. I have a lot of experience in the industry, ranging from embedded to telecom backend database work. A lot of hiring managers will be reluctant to hire me because they may not see the exact skill they are looking for. ERG actually talks with the managers and sells my overall skill set as a positive for their project. Most agencies are simply doing a keyword match with the job description and my resume, ERG understands what I bring to the table. I really appreciate what ERG does for both myself and their client.

K.F. San Jose, CA (Consultant)

ERG represents some of the best companies in Northern California.

C.W. San Jose, CA (Consultant)