Engineers who have only heard horror stories of contracts gone wrong can be skeptical of trying one out for themselves. As recruiters, we hear it time and time again… “I’m only looking for a permanent role at this time – I’ve heard of bad experiences with contracts from other colleagues.” We asked some of our… Read more »

  Happy New Year! 2017 is on the horizon, and we want you to be in the best shape possible to land your next engineering contract role in the Silicon Valley. Last year we put out a blog that included 6 technologies to learn to secure a gig in 2016. We updated our list for 2017 to… Read more »

    Computer Vision isn’t just the strain on your eyes from staring at the computer for too long. Computer Vision is a diverse and widespread field of study. In the most basic description, Computer Vision is a way for a machines to recognize, understand and interact with a picture, 3D objects, or videos. We… Read more »

When you think “Artificial Intelligence” — what comes to mind? Do you think of Ex Machina human-like robots taking over the world? Or maybe you envision having your own butler like Tony Stark’s Jarvis in The Avengers. In movies, artificial intelligence is depicted as being overly futuristic. In reality, AI has already had a profound… Read more »

  As the tech industry continues to grow and change, so have engineering consulting contracts. Over the past decade, ERG has seen different hiring trends come and go. Working with a technical recruiter and their consulting firm can help you align your expectations correctly throughout the contract hiring process. Pairing up with a reputable company can… Read more »

  Silicon Valley innovation draws in hardware and software engineers from all areas of the world. With the ground-breaking, disruptive technology offered here, why wouldn’t engineers want to get in on the fun? The future of technology looks bright, with self-driving cars, augmented reality, and customized devices in the works. Here’s a list of three… Read more »

It’s clear that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the Democratic and Republican nominees, have had very different approaches to the presidential election. What isn’t clear, are their respective views on issues in technology. Hillary Clinton, the Obama-endorsed Democratic nominee, recently released a detailed technology initiative that states her stance on technology talent shortages, net neutrality… Read more »

Engineering consultants have the difficult task of picking the right consulting firm to work with. If you choose an unethical firm, even your dream project can turn into a nightmare. ERG values our reputation as being an honest, dependable company. With nearly 12 years in business, our focus is on the personal relationships we build. Don’t… Read more »

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are two of the major buzzwords we hear in the tech industry. The two seek to disrupt the way businesses run, how humans interact, and how everyday tasks function. This game-changing technology is exciting, and engineers want to get in on the action. Artificial intelligence is the study of developing… Read more »

Donald Trump, the infamous real estate mogul, television boss, and now presidential candidate, is well known for his out-spoken nature. His success in the primary rounds have turned his strong opinions from empty threats into viable scenarios, if he is elected president. It seems that Donald Trump has a vendetta against the Silicon Valley tech… Read more »