Engineering consultants have the difficult task of picking the right consulting firm to work with. If you choose an unethical firm, even your dream project can turn into a nightmare. ERG values our reputation as being an honest, dependable company. With nearly 12 years in business, our focus is on the personal relationships we build.

Don’t just take our word for it – see what our consultants have to say.

“The information and help you guys provide is very important for job hunting. It helps a lot.”

-L.L. San Francisco, CA
While it is our goal to find a contract for each and every engineer that we come across, we realize this might not be realistic. Whether it be timing, role availability, or any number of other factors, we understand that we might not always have an immediate fit. That’s why we focus our efforts on educating our consultants on what’s happening in the contract marketplace. We want all contract seekers to make the most informed decisions that they can when choosing a contract.

“ERG employees are professional qualified people that have good account management which has allowed them to get into and maintain presence at major Fortune 500 companies in Silicon Valley.”

-C.Q. Mountain View, CA
Building relationships is what we’re all about. When we meet with a manager, we build a personal connection that will withstand the test of time. We believe that when you work directly with a manager, without an online portal, you make the best matches. These long-standing relationships have allowed us to maintain a strong presence at top companies throughout the existence of our company. We’ve worked with many of the Fortune 500 company partners for over ten years. We continue to nurture these relationships with our honesty, integrity, and solid communication.

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“I can trust my recruiter that he will find the best position out there and negotiate for the best offer.”

-J.Y. Santa Clara, CA
Our goal in every situation is to build a win-win scenario for clients and consultants. A win for our client means that they get the top engineering talent to fill a skills-gap on their team. A win for our consultants means fair compensation, a benefits package, and an exciting contract. When we can create a win for both parties, that’s when the magic happens.

“I have had also the opportunity in the past to work with other companies besides ERG. None so far come as high in area of ethics and fair treatment of the persons working in the field.”

-J.S. Newark, CA
Dishonest staffing agencies can give consulting firms as a whole a bad reputation. Our goal is to break that stereotype and show our consultants that we’re not just “headhunters”. Our consultants, candidates, and clients all matter to us. We even host a couple of events each year in honor of our consultants, including our Consultant Appreciation Casino Night, and our Holiday Party. These events are such great opportunities to bring the whole ERG team together and have fun together.

Since not all consulting firms are the same, do a bit of homework to find the right one. Check Glassdoor reviews, testimonials, or even ask your colleagues. A good consulting firm will get you a competitive rate, offer benefits, and make getting your paycheck easy.

If you’re interested in hearing more about working with ERG, contact our Marketing Communications Specialist, Kristen Shumate, at 


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