ERG, Inc certified as a Great Place to Work®

CAMPBELL, CA AUGUST 11, 2016 ERG, Inc recently announced their certification as a Great Place to Work®, based solely on the survey responses provided by their employees. ERG is a Silicon Valley based consulting firm, focused on placing high level engineers at leading tech companies in the area. This certification is granted to companies that promote trust, respect and camaraderie amongst employees. Great Place to Work created the Trust Index© Assessment in order to measure the level of underlying trust that employees have in an organization. Over 93% of ERG employees answered positively to the question “Taking everything into account, I would say this is a great place to work.”

When choosing a place to work, candidates look for places that will treat them fairly and respectfully. In comparison to companies who were listed on the Great Place to Work Top 50 list in 2015, ERG was not only on par with their results but also surpassed them in many dimensions. ERG scored highly on all of the segments, including credibility (94%), fairness (96%), pride (92%) and camaraderie (97%). ERG also ranked high in subdivisions such as integrity, communication, community, and caring.

“A great place to work is one in which you trust the people you work for, have pride in what you do, and enjoy the people you work with,” Robert Levering, Co-Founder of Great Place to Work®

ERG, Inc is committed to being an upstanding company that looks out for the best interest of their employees, consultants and clients. “As an organization, keeping our employees happy is one of our main priorities. We understand that when candidates choose a place to work, they look for companies that exhibit honesty and integrity. ERG is proud to continue to distinguish ourselves from other consulting firms by being certified as a Great Place to Work®,” said ERG’s CEO, Tim Penick, on the certification.

Becoming certified as a Great Place to Work is ERG’s latest symbol of commitment to giving candidates an honest look at the company. ERG has also maintained OpenCompany status on Glassdoor® for over a year to give job seekers transparency into the company culture. For the past two years, ERG has also won the Best of Staffing® Talent Award based on survey results from their consultants.

About ERG, Inc
ERG, Inc is a leading Silicon Valley engineering recruiting firm in Campbell, CA. Since their establishment in 2004, ERG has built and maintained strong relationships with Fortune 500 companies and well-funded startups in the area. ERG has a strong commitment to building an honest and enjoyable workplace through gathering and addressing all employee feedback. ERG continues to promote happiness in the workplace and rewarding employees who go above and beyond in programs such as their Health and Wellness Competition and the Always Committed to Excellence (ACE) Award.

About Great Place to Work ®
Great Place to Work® is built on the foundation of recognizing trustworthy organizations through their Trust Index© Employee Survey. They also provide coaching and consulting to businesses who want to improve their workplace culture. Their reach has been expansive in their 25 years of business, working with organizations in over 40 countries.