Chances are, as a consultant, you’ve done your fair share of interviews. Interviews can easily be the most nerve-wracking part of the job search process, even for a seasoned consultant. We’ve all heard the horror stories… accidentally insulting the interviewer, spilling your coffee on the table, or forgetting to turn off your ringtone… the embarrassing stories are endless.

While we can’t offer tips on ways to be less clumsy, we can refresh you on some of the things that helped land you your previous contracts. After all, even hardened engineering consultants can benefit from taking a look what made them successful in past interviews.
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Don’t forget these simple tips in your next consultant interview:

Don’t forget to… check out your interviewer
Ok, that might sound bad. It is good to take a brief look at your interviewer’s LinkedIn to get a sense for what your interview may be like. The VP of Engineering will have very different interview questions than the Head of HR. Getting a sense for their background will allow you to ask better questions during the interview as well. You could find out that you both have a passion for C++ and watching Game of Thrones. You might see that you have similar backgrounds or share mutual connections.

Don’t forget to… research the company
Consultants can forget to research the large companies that are household names, because they seem so familiar to us already. Silicon Valley innovations are coming out left and right from these awesome companies, and it can be hard to keep up! You’ll be able to stand out from the other consultants interviewing for the same role by showing your familiarity with the latest technology.

Don’t forget to…highlight your skills
More and more often consultants are being asked to showcase their technical skills during an interview. While each manager has their own process for assessing the candidate, we’ve seen a few different methods. These range from homework assignment uploaded to GitHub to coding on a whiteboard. Engineers who are not expecting this type of assessment could freeze up in the interview. After all, coding on a computer is much different than coding on a whiteboard—but practice makes perfect! Use practice problems and explain them to your kids, your mom, your brother, your neighbor, or anyone that’s available to listen. Having this preparation will give you the confidence to tackle any problem in your interview.

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Don’t forget to…let your passion shine through
The most successful candidates are truly passionate about their work. So show it off! Talk about successful past projects you’ve enjoyed. Tell the interviewer how you’ve incorporated your passion into the work you’ve completed. Don’t be afraid to let it show. Having the right qualifications is key to landing a job, but finding an engineer who truly enjoys their work can seal the deal.

Working with a consulting firm can help alleviate all of these concerns, as they’ll be able to give you the background you need to be successful in an interview. The best part about finding your engineering contract roles through a Technical Recruiter is that they can give you the insight you need to feel confident as you approach your interview. You just have to show up, bring the personality, and land your next role!

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