Silicon Valley engineering teams are gearing up for 2016! We’ve come up with a list of skills and technologies engineering managers will be looking for in the coming year. Not all of these skills are new technologies like Swift or Coffeescript. Some are long tried-and-true like Python Test Automation and ASIC Verification. They all have one thing in common though – they’re skills that hiring managers are actively looking for in the Silicon Valley.

Here’s ERG’s list of 6 technologies that will land you an engineering contract gig in 2016:

  • Swift

Swift stepped onto the scene in 2015, and has been considered by many as the upgraded version of Objective-C. Swift has been widely commended on its usability, readability, and compatibility with open source platforms. Apple has made it particularly friendly for new developers who don’t have much experience, making it possibly the easiest to learn on our list. If you’re already a pro in Objective-C, this won’t be a difficult language to learn. It will soon be a necessary skill for embedded programmers who work on Apple platforms.

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  • Coffeescript

Coffeescript was built with the idea that it would essentially fix the bugs of Javascript. Although Coffeescript has its own unique challenges, it does make Javascript more readable, which many engineers enjoy. Unlike Swift, Coffeescript may not be a particularly useful tool for new engineers to learn. However, engineers that have a strong background in Ruby and Python may pick Coffeescript up easily, making working in team environments more efficient.

  • Node.JS

Node.JS is increasing in popularity as it carves its path as being a reliable development platform for server-side web applications. Its niche comes from the communication capability it provides between the end-user and the server. Node.JS is appealing because it can be used to develop complex and dynamic sites such as web applications for video streaming sites. It’s open source and completely free, making it an accessible technology for engineers to learn.

  • ASIC Verification/UVM

Although it’s been around for a few years, UVM (Universal Verification Methodology) continues to be a highly sought after skill in the current ASIC Verification domain. UVM’s structured methodology creates an efficient process for developing and reusing verification testbench environments. Nearly all of the ASIC Verification engineer roles that we recruit for have UVM listed as a “must-have” requirement. There are many different resources online to learn UVM and its coding language, SystemVerilog.

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  • Python Test Automation

Python Automation is hitting its stride, particularly popular in the storage/ssd industries. Python automation can be used for a wide range of mundane activities on a computer.  It’s easy to learn and use—and can even be used by a non-technical person to perform tasks such as filing emails or performing operations in excel. Engineers most commonly use python automation to test their codes, saving them time and increasing efficiency in debugging. Many of our clients are actively seeking Python Automation engineers for contract roles.

  • Specialized UI framework development

Front-end UI frameworks are constantly changing in order to accommodate the ever-changing needs of mobile users across different devices. Developers and designers have the difficult task of matching the needs of their application with the framework that will best support it. Here are three that many hiring managers ask for:  AngularJS, for the quality of its readability with quick development time. Backbone.js for its ability to make complex applications into smaller modules to test, and D3.js for its flexible nature. Having experience with a variety of frameworks will increase your potential for finding an engineering contract in UI development throughout the Silicon Valley.

Whether you’re looking for your next engineering contract or new to the Silicon Valley consulting scene, your contract search can benefit from continuously learning new skills. Finding your next contract can be made even easier by using an engineering staffing firm to aid in your search.

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