Do you need an engineering consultant? Use our checklist to find out!

One of the largest growing trends in Silicon Valley staffing is the usage of software and hardware talent on a contract basis. Contract engineering jobs are becoming more and more popular, largely based upon the benefits it brings to both the engineer and the hiring manager.

Consulting engineers can be a huge asset to hiring managers and engineering teams. They solve a variety of unique issues, and eliminate many of the hang-ups or road-blocks that come with hiring a permanent employee. Engineering consultants can fill skills gaps, get up-to-speed faster, and save you time.

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Does your team need an engineering consultant? Use our checklist below to decide:

  • Do you have a deadline to meet?

One of the main reasons that hiring managers turn to consulting firms like ERG is the need for hard-to-find engineers at rapid speed. We can get the engineers you need on your team faster than you can say “application-specific integrated circuit verification engineer”. Getting your timeline back on track is made even easier when finding your consultants through a consulting firm. You don’t have to worry about onboarding or paperwork, which saves you time.

  • Are you missing critical technical skills on your team?

Every minute detail that goes into developing software and building hardware is important, which is why you need to have unique skill sets on your team. Whether you’re missing a software engineer to test your code or a firmware engineer to debug and optimize your products; these roles can make or break your project. After all, once you’ve developed a product, you want to make sure it works properly. Contract engineers allow you the flexibility to add these skill sets where you need them, when you need them… whether it’s two months or two years.

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  • Do you need to keep your headcount down?

If your team is limited by headcount, engineering consultants can be the answer. Consultants can fill that skills gap, without building out a complete permanent role. Not only does this allow you the flexibility to bring on skills as needed, but it allows you to stay on budget while still meeting your goals.

  • Are you struggling to find time to search for engineers?

If you’re an engineering team lead in a hiring position, chances are you also have many other items on your plate. This is why many managers partner up with trustworthy consulting firms. Consulting firms can give you back your time and help to free up your schedule. Although we can’t go to dinner with your mother-in-law for you or pick up your dry cleaning, we can save you time by streamlining your engineer search process. Say goodbye to sifting through the influx of emails from unqualified candidates. ERG will send you only the most qualified and closely matched candidates. Once we get the job description, all you need to do is host the interview and give us the thumbs up; we’ll handle the onboarding and paperwork.

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, you probably need an engineering consultant. To be sure that you attract and sign top engineering talent, check out ERG’s tips for finding the Silicon Valley’s best contract engineers. Sign up today to get some of the Silicon Valley’s top engineering candidates sent straight to your inbox.

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