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While the Silicon Valley technology industry is competitive with products and innovations, it is just as competitive in finding the best contract engineers.

The Silicon Valley is booming with contract engineers that can take your company to the next level. Technology companies looking to grow their team or launch a new product flock to the area just to have access to this talent.

The challenge is that while the Silicon Valley is home to top engineers, it’s also home to hundreds of other awesome companies. Companies with cutting-edge, history-making products, along with killer, incomparable perks. For each software engineer in the area, there could be multiple other fascinating opportunities open for the candidate.

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How does a company keep up? It’s simple. Think about how you can make your interview process stand out from other companies. Consultants look for companies that have an efficient interview process, competitive pay, and a clear vision for the role.

Here are our 5 top tips to finding the Silicon Valley’s best contract engineers:

  1. Expand your search by working with a consulting firm

If you’re still relying solely on the job boards of Monster and Indeed, you might be missing out on a wide variety of candidates searching in the marketplace. Teaming up with a consulting firm will give you access to contract engineers that may not advertise on these boards. Look for a consulting firm that has a long-standing reputation for placing engineers in their area. Not all agencies are alike, so be sure to check out online reviews and testimonials to make sure you’re choosing the best partner in your search.

  1. Develop clear goals and requirements for the position

Form the project description and determine the requirements before beginning your search. Figure out what skills you absolutely cannot live without, and which ones are just preferences. Beyond the technical requirements, also get a general sense for the other parameters you’re looking for.  Is the position onsite, or remote? Should this person expect to be working individually, or within a team? Having a clear idea for what the candidate profile should look like will help you to reach the results that you want much more quickly.

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  1. Streamline your interview process

An engineer that’s freshly on the market may have two or three opportunities on the table. If you wait a week to get them in for an interview, you could lose the engineer to another company.

The first step to avoiding delays is to create an efficient interview process. Consider any inefficiencies in your current process, then aim to cut down on wasted time. Setting aside designated interview time on your calendar, holding phone screenings instead of onsite interviews, or hosting a panel interview can all help you to streamline the process.

  1. Build a competitive budget

Secure the best engineers by keeping your budget competitive with the many companies searching for similar candidates. The amount of consulting positions available at companies throughout the Silicon Valley mean that the best engineers can come at a high cost. Combat the competition by ensuring that your budget is aligned with the skill sets and expertise that your project requires. That way, you don’t lose your best candidate to other companies on the market… or even worse, your competitors.

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  1. Give the engineer a pat on the back

If you have consultants who add significant value to your organization, don’t be afraid to tell them. When you see an opportunity to compliment their work, give them the props they deserve. Permanent employees and contract engineers alike appreciate being told they’ve done a good job. Not only does honest, genuine feedback improve a person’s morale, it can also lead to a higher quality of work. This small gesture can make all the difference.

Hiring managers can use these tips to give themselves a leg up on the competition and get the best contract engineers in the Silicon Valley. Give the candidates what they want: a smooth and speedy experience, competitive pay, and a good understanding of the role. You’ll get your contract signed.

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